gens Cassia

About the kassites also known as the gauls and then gens Cassia

Politecnico di Milano, Transport infrastructures and Geosciences, Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Milano, Italy

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Paola Villani. About The Kassites Also Known As the Gauls and Then

Paola Villani

Abstract: Thanks to the opportunity of highway construction, a deep study has been conducted in order to understand the major influences that the Po Plain area had in the period 1800BC – 400 AD. Lack of basic ground items and a few but constant historical inconsistencies, have driven to a reconsideration of the commonly accepted and disclosed history. The analysis is based on a cross-reading of historical, artistic, literary preexistences, in a timeframe that concerns the period 1800 BC – 400 A.D. The paper gives a fresh look to the history of the area, from the evolution of Gallia Cisalpina, to the Galatians in Northern Italy and finally to Gens Cassia (previously named Elamites and Kassites) that introduced significant enhancements to the road technology and to transportation thanks to their deep knowledge in horse breeding, carriages con-struction and metalworks. This article incorporates and integrates that which already published in Archaeology 2013, “Re-theorization of the Roads Heritage”.

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