Kurds in WW2

Mr. Trump; Kurds helped Allies In WW2 !


Serdar Karakus El-Xassi 


President Trump, to justify his betrayal of Kurds with the baseless argument that “… [Kurds] they didn’t help us in the Second World War, [Kurds] they didn’t help us with Normandy.” Firstly, the Kurds were not (and still are not) a nation state, there would be no way for us to enter the war.  Our homeland devided in 4 countries: Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, also another part(Red Kurdistan) in Soviet Union. Also during the Second World War there was no Kurdish government in any of these countries, so there was no way we could have assisted the US in Normandy or any battlefront. Secondly,  thousands of Kurds fought against Nazi Germany alongside with Allys and with Red Army in WW2.

The Anglo–Iraqi War (2–31 May 1941) was a British-led Allied military campaign against Iraq under Rashid Ali, who had seized power during the Second World War with assistance from Germany and Italy. During the Rashid Ali rebellion in 1941 the base was besieged by the Iraqi Army encamped on the overlooking plateau. The siege was lifted by the units based at Habbaniya, including pilots from the training school, a battalion of the King’s Own Royal Regiment flown in at the last moment, No. 1 Armoured Car Company RAF, and the RAF’s Iraq Levies*. The subsequent arrival of a relief column (Kingcol), part of Habforce sent from Palestine, then a British mandate, combined with the Habbaniya units to force the rebel forces to retreat to Baghdad. The Levies then recruited an additional 11,000 men, mostly Assyrians, but also some Kurds and Yezidi.  Eventhough Hitler had promised independent state to the Kurds and wanted them to move to the German side, Kurds refused and fought with British RAF Levies in WW2, defending RAF bases during pro-Axis coup in Iraq in 1941. Kurdish parachutists served with Royal Marines in Italian campaign.

Two Yazidi recruits, 1942, by Cecil Beaton.

By 1942, the Iraq Levies consisted of a Headquarters, a Depot, Specialist Assyrian companies, 40 service companies and the 1st Parachute Company, which consisted of 75% Assyrian and 25% Kurd. The new Iraq Levies Disciplinary Code was based largely on the Indian Army Act.

Kurdish Levies with British RAF Levies in WW2.

In this following photo, A Kurd from the clan of the Kurdish king Mehmûd Berzincî, from Sula is one of the most famous Kurdish personalities who fought against the Nazis in the war alongside the Allies.

In The British Army there were the following Kurdish troops:

39th Kurdish company less one platoon -Habbaniya

27th Kurdish company -Majara

41st Kurdish coy -Karind

33rd Yezidi koy-karind

1 platoon 39th Kurdish coy -Karind

13th Kurdish coy -Nicosia

44th Kurdish coy less one platoon -Nicosia

44th Kurdish coy one platoon – Lakatamia

40th Kurdish coy -Famagusta

30th Kurdish coy – Ras el Ain

8th Kurdish coy -In transit to Habbaniya

“Neverthless the Kurds did help the British, US, and Allied efforts in Normandy, albeit obliquely. Akil Awan, an academic at Royal Holloway, University of London, pointed out that the Kurds played a key role in the British occupation of Iraq during the Second World War, fighting with British troops to block a pro-Nazi coup.” Richard Spencer – The Times’  Middle East Correspondent

Another famous Kurdish personality who fought against the Nazis  was lieutenant Colonel Samand of the Red Army. He was born in 20 Kars Oblast (20/11/ 1909) into Yezidi Family, He fought in the Caucasus and Europe against the Nazis and led parts of the Russian troops in war. He was awarded the Lenin Order and the hightest order of Soviets “Hero of the Soviet Union.”


Samand Aliyeviç Siyabendov(Kurdish: Semendê Elî Siyabend)


Samand Aliyeviç Siyabendov(Kurdish: Semendê Elî Siyabend)



Under Soviet Army thousands of Kurdish Soldiers had fought against Nazi Germany and awarded for their heroism.. 


This are the some of Kurdish Soldiers fought against Nazi Germany… 

  1. Verdiev Avaz Hashim oglu, Hero of the Soviet Union (September 23, 1944), Azerbaijan (Lachin)
  2. Siabandov Samand Alievich, Hero of the Soviet Union (March 24, 1945), Armenia
  3. Mustafayev Bakir Dursunovich, Hero of the Soviet Union (May 16, 1944), Georgia-Uzbekistan
  4. Abasov Latif Balajaevich – sergeant, born in 1924
  5. Abdullaev Musa Alievich – junior sergeant, born in 1920
  6. Abdullaev Oruj Hasanovich – Private, born in 1919
  7. Abushov Abush Ibadovich – guard sergeant, born in 1925
  8. Avdalyan Bashdi Shamoevich – Private, born in 1904
  9. Avdoyan Sfuk Shavesovich – Private, born in 1908
  10. Avdoev Ali Mstoevich – squad leader, born in 1922
  11. Avdoev Nabri Rutoevich – foreman
  12. Adjoev Jalil Shakroevich – guard sub-colonel
  13. Azmanov Ubet Amarovich – Senior Sergeant
  14. Aliev Adil Rajabovich – lieutenant, born in 1922
  15. Aliev Aiddyn Sloevich – (Akhchi village, Aspindz region, Georgia. The family was deported to Kazakhstan in 1944)
  16. Aliyev Huseyn Kerimovich – Honored Scientist, Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, member of the CPSU since 1924
  17. Aloyan Mikhail Dzhindievich – lieutenant. The son of an old Bolshevik, one of the organizers of collective farms in Kurdish villages
  18. Asadov Alash Kumaevich – Private
  19. Asadyan Karam Kalashovich – Private, born in 1901
  20. Akhmedov Panah Nagiyevich – lieutenant
  21. Akhmedov Farmaz Suleymanovich – senior sergeant, born 1919
  22. Akhmedov Suleiman Tahmaz-oglu – (Nakhichevan, Parchi village – modern Khanlyrkar), a participant in the battles for Mozdok, was seriously wounded in 1943 and was demobilized
  23. Akhmedov Hasan Tahmaz-oglu – (Nakhichevan, the village of Parchi – sovr Khanlyrkar), went missing in 1941 near Poltava
  24. Akhoyan Saido Dadoevich – Private, born in 1912
  25. Bayramov Zaman Abdullaevich – Private, born in 1921
  26. Bakoev Usik Bakoevich – Senior Lieutenant
  27. Bakroev Teymuraz Mamoevich – major, born in 1913
  28. Baloev Teymur abbas oglu – (1919-2006), drafted into the army in 1937 Member of the Soviet-Finnish war
    He fought near Leningrad, in a battle in 1944, lost his right hand and was demobilized J
  29. avoyan Vazir Asoevich – senior lieutenant, died in the Smolensk region in 1942
  30. Hasanov Mamed Muradkhanovich – senior sergeant, born in 1920
  31. Hasanyan Khachik (Khududa) Kalashovich – Guard Senior Sergeant
  32. Daloyan Jasim Atarovich – lieutenant
  33. Jafarov Sala Bakirovich – lieutenant
  34. Jafarov Sakhat Kulievich – major of the medical service, born in 1918
  35. J-Jindi Smoe Swook – major, born in 1908
  36. Kaloyan Akhmed Ismailovich – sergeant, born in 1922
  37. Kasoyan Said Agitovich – sergeant
  38. Kochoyan Chacho Tamoevich – sergeant, born in 1924
  39. Kulamov Ali Zamanovich – major of the medical service, born in 1910
  40. Nadirov Iso Shamoevich – Major of the Medical Service
  41. Kafarov Ramazan Makarovich – corporal, born in 1916
  42. Kalashov Tamo Mikhailovich – died in Poland in 1945
  43. Kalashyan M.A. guard lieutenant
  44. Kalash Karimovich Broev (Jan), died in the war
  45. Kaluyan Fedor Hatoevich – lieutenant, born in 1914
  46. Kurdoev Kanat Kalashovich – lieutenant, born in 1909
  47. Lazgiev Merali Alievich – Guard Senior Sergeant, born 1919
  48. Mammadov Kyazim Bagirovich – Guard Senior Sergeant, born in 1905
  49. Mamedov Ali Abdulrahmanovich – partisans of the Great Patriotic War In 1937 he graduated from the Kurdish Pedagogical College of Yerevan and began working as a teacher of the Kurdish language in the Kotayk (Abovyan) region
  50. Makhmudov Arab Alievich – – Guard Senior Sergeant
  51. Makhmudov Yusuf Alievich – guard lieutenant After graduating from the Transcaucasian Kurdish Pedagogical College in 1936, he was sent to work as a teacher in the Kurdish village of Baysyz in the Tallinn district of the Armenian SSR
  52. Muratov Khachik Shaboevich – captain Before the war, he was a teacher of Russian language and literature in the city of Leningrad
  53. Nabiev Kamal Khidirovich – a participant and a hero of the famous “Kerch company”, missing
  54. Nabiev Shamil Khidirovich – the hero of the defense of Leningrad, twice a cavalier of the Order of the Patriotic War of the first degree, a man who passed all 900 days of the blockade, reconnaissance and communications officer
  55. Navrozov Ibrahim Ahmedovich – corporal, born in 1920
  56. Osmanov Sabri Matoevich – guard sub-colonel 1905-1954 For 10 years he served as a political worker in the military units of the Transcaucasian Military District
  57. Ozmanyan Namo Atamovich – Private, born in 1911
  58. Parajov I.M. participant of the battle for the city of Russian military glory Sevastopol
  59. Rusoyan Afo Khudoyevich – sergeant, born in 1912
  60. Sadoyan Jalil Khanoevich – Private, born in 1912
  61. Suleymanov Muraz Miozoevich – senior sailor, born in 1922
  62. Sudtanov Darab Dzhabarovich – lieutenant colonel of the medical service, born in 1903, a native of the village of Ain, Zangelan region of the Azerbaijan SSR
  63. Tamoev Bailiff Gulievich – Private, born in 1911
  64. Salmoyan German Sayadovich – foreman
  65. Sloyan Sivik Alievich – junior sergeant
  66. Sloyan Jmo Asoevich – Senior Sergeant
  67. Suloev Amar Usubovich – Senior Sergeant
  68. Tamirov DZHAKO Shavesovich – Senior Sergeant
  69. Tamoev Afo Dzhavoevich – Senior Sergeant
  70. Teymurov Shamir Yusupovich – major
  71. Teymurov Hso – did not return from the war
  72. Safarov Ali Kurimovich – guard foreman, born in 1923
  73. Usoev Saide Aslan – returned in 1943 to the wounded
  74. Usubyan Davreshe Sardar – missing
  75. Farajev Bakhtiyar Khanlarovich – captain, born in 1900
  76. Faradzhov Ibrahim Mammadovich – guard sergeant, born in 1922
  77. Faroyan Kuli Kochoevich – Private, born in 1904
  78. Khudoyan Ordi Khardievich – Senior Sergeant, born in 1918
  79. Khudoyan Muraz Namoevich – lieutenant, born in 1922
  80. Khudoyev Muraz Mardoevich – Private Guard, born in 1924
  81. Khudoyan Salim Abasovich – Private, born in 1898
  82. Khumoyan Jalil Mstoevich – Private Guard, born in 1906
  83. Shamilzade Gyurshad Shamilevich – lieutenant colonel, born in 1913
  84. Sharoev I.Sh –  senior sergeant, hero of the battle of Stalingrad
  85. Sharoev Akhmed Ibrahimovich – captain, studied at the Transcaucasian Kurdish College
  86. Shirinov Ismail Ibdullaevich – Guard Junior Sergeant, born in 1917
  87. Shaveshyan Ame Sayadovich – Senior Sergeant
  88. Chatoyev Timur Magoevich – lieutenant, born in 1917
  89. Chaloyan D.A.  lieutenant, hero of the battle of Stalingrad
  90. Chaloev Afo Makarovich – Private, born in 1914
  91. Yaratov Mikhail Kasoevich – senior sergeant, born in 1918
  92. Chaloyan D.A. – lieutenant, hero of the battle of Stalingrad
  93. Chaloev Afo Makarovich – Private, born in 1914
  94. Yaratov Mikhail Kasoevich – senior sergeant, born in 1918

* The Iraq Levies traced their history to the Arab Scouts organized in 1915 by Major J. I. Eadie, of the British Indian Army who served as a Special Service Officer in the Muntafiq Division in Mesopotamia. He recruited forty mounted Arabs from the tribes round Nasiriyeh, for duty under the Intelligence Department as bodyguard for political officers in southern and central Iraq. By 1918 the Arab Scouts increased to 5,467 Arabs, Kurds, Turkoman, Marsh Arab and Assyrian militia.

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