Prof. Mehrdad Izady

Prof. Mehrdad Izady


Prof. Mehrdad Izady – مهرداد ئیزه‌دی Shot – April, 02, 2003 Mehrdad Izady, Fordham University, Examines Role of Kurds in the Future of Iraq “Iraqi’s will not live in peace as long as Kurds are ignored, he says.\” Mehrdad lzady (Kurdish: Mihrdad Ízedí, مهرداد ئیزه‌دی) was born in 1963 to a Kurdish father and a Belgian mother. He spent much of his youth in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Korea as his diplomat parents moved from one assignment to another. He is one of the most prominent native Kurdish historians of our time. Izady finished his BA degree in History, Political Science and Geography at Kansas State University in 1976. His passion for history and geography allowed him to finish a masters degrees in Geography in 1978, Political Science and International Relations in 1979 at Syracuse University as well as Middle Eastern Languages and Civilizations at Columbia University 1986. He continued his academic career in research at Columbia University, where he completed his PhD at the department of Middle Eastern Languages and Civilizations in 1992. His views on Kurdish history and historiography challenged many previous theories about Kurds and their ancient culture. “The Kurds: A Concise Handbook




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