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The values that format the life styles can be called mixtures of customs and beliefs. Culture is not only something we live upon, also things worth we live for. Also cultural inheritance since the beginning of human history, in order to live better quality life, creativity of ‘human’ and interaction of communities are the result of culture values.


In art pieces, hundreds of years, spells religions, tales, mythologies and historical events are treasures of common cultures. In this context the mythology of Mesopotamia, Anatolia, Greek and Roman has an enormous effect on other cultures and societies. There is no doubt that psyche of world would formate in nature, then formats in society with moral way of life, in other words with way of arts it will realise its consciousness.


With the creation and explanation culture and art life affecting inside the person world., does signifies general public and standards and mirrors them. Culture is soul of place and myth. It wants just stays as power that enables us to see secret side of eternal power and beauty, difference through fantasy, it’s a bridge between cultures and colours. When this mixture changes the world, colourful harmony will be the most important factor.


Society creates itself, sustains itself again by creating its cultures and art are real and moral history of society. If culture and art has not developed within societies then we cannot say there is free individual has been created. Society which do not understands from art are slaves of materialism, they will stay in grave of pessimism and violence and therefore its biggest wall against freedom and peace. Thus there is strong connection between art consciousness and democracy, in this free soul art tree will give better fruits culture and art are antidote of pessimism.


If whole reality means literature and art is human creativity and lives on this fact, the human is cultural entity and every created art piece is full of history potential.

If reality is culture reflects societies, the duty is to excite human potential, to see their selves with others life and enable others to accept their own life.


Above all humanity as a whole, which contains and recognise all societies as ecstatic, it is a single eternity in history, it lies in this eternity, many cultures languages and civilisation inheritance lays in. Therefore none of the cultures are created from self-esteem.


Gothes points out that world literature after 18th century has shown different approaches of literature, the trade between national literatures, that gives humanitarian values, in order to be part of all humanity and through individualism that enlighten shows whole reality of cultures effect each other. Only this type of literature will become real meaning of international choice.


Cultures affect each other so much that we cannot distinguish where which one starts and which one ends. There is enormous fluidity, and this fluidity helps diversity between cultures and within themselves, as well as helps to enrich the human life. The diversity within culture helps individuals to have more choices. Therefore diversity is another argument for fairness and ascended concept of law.



When art explained in detail and feed each other, then there will be more space for freedom. Human will be symbol of freedom in suppress and forbidden regimes and art will be advocate.

The interaction between cultures can help demolish loneliness and to overcome elimination. Also it will help to respect other cultures, and others. In modern world cultures will have a need of acquainted others and theirs. Everything needs to enlighten itself, ideologically, therefore when cultural richness separate and join together, it will allow humanity and democratic culture traditions.


Consequently, art in despite of itself, a freedom place and will be piece of press and other cultures are fermentation of progress.


Every culture learns from each other and protects itself from each other. When human learns something different from itself, myth critics will progress. To one which familiar, when familiar with others they will see them as different. Whatever happens, steps beyond the important realistic and world with many voices lets human to hide in ecstatic castle. Literature gives strengths to individual and sociological factor creates required ground for understanding and mediation.


In order to create active understanding and art are making positive progress and creates necessary conditions. Understanding and art are making themselves necessary to each other. I will not go over what Albert Camus has said, “ Understanding is about putting it together and is about well knowledgeable, sympathy and empathy.


It will be catastrophic for societies to become insentient and have a low morality. Insensitivity means shortsighted of societies. Does most powerful feature human being has a right to destroy all this beauty?


Undoubtedly, art and literature are biggest feeders to languages, religions and cultures, which are created by world and humanity. Aren’t Bible, Old Testament and Koran are the first spread and famous literature examples. Were 1001 night stories not our dreams, loves, hopes and fears? Did our novels not increased in God’s love and hope of Kisot’s? When we read Balcak’s Stendhal’s, Proust’s Flaubert’s novels did we not breath the air in France and did we not feel the French societies characters passions, competitions, poverty and loves? Do we not live with Dostroyevski’s strong, fearful and hero ness? How many trips did we make to Cehov’s and Solohov’s Russia? Did we not learn the war’s effect on humans and years lived experiences with Hemig, Henrich Boll, Stefan Zwaig and Tolstoyla’s novels?


Did we not understand the intellectual depression in that mistic atsmosphere with what Lawrence Durrell written? Did we not learned about the geography’s we never seen, otherness less and uprising with what Marquez, Fuentes, Faulkner and Infante. Hope, resistance with Nazim Hikmet, uprising in yellow hot toured up geography and pain and oppression with Yasar Kemal.


Did we not learn to question inside travel, philosophical deepness, questioning ourselves with Bilge Karasu. Beyond these meaningful words of course there are many other voices. These voices are forced to move from their own right, oppressed and ignored voices. Kurdish literatures important names Ehmede Xani, Fekiya Teyran, Meleya Ciziri and their writings should have not hang out on walls. Minor literatures profound richness and unsaid pain are all humanity’s realities. We all know what lived pains and realities.


It is a catastrophe for societies to become insensitive and lose of morality, and those who want a homogeneous culture and language. If literature is a long journey to literature and good humanity in middle of eternity created and aesthetic culture and civilization are whole of modernity. Isn’t there necessity for saving and positively joining and preserving different cultures and languages?


When I am finishing my word I would like to touch on Terry Eagleton’s and George Gordons speech. “England is ill, English literature should save it. In my view it should carry on saving entertain and education duties, above all should be saving our souls and make governments better”. And this country and this world are ours. When we have the saving mentality of different cultures and languages then in real terms we will reach the democracy, history, philosophy, art; basically to the enlightment and logic. I would like to draw attention to the importance of many cultures and many voices activities, against the guns and violence, of course strong ideology of literature and art’s progress will save us.

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